Hello community! the first day of the OSHW Doc Jam was pretty awesome!     Marcin did a great job reporting the sessions today (disclaimer: they’re not really ordered!) You also can check all the documentation produced today available here: Here’s the sessions agenda! >>> Catch up Tomorrow for more!  

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    April 8, 2013

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Excited by the Jam, but can’t make it to New York? Why not make your own? We’re keeping the principles simple, so we can all learn from one another’s processes. The first Satellite Jam scheduled is taking place at the same time in Berlin. Other Jams are now proposed in <insert new names as they…

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Hello community! Finally, after few weeks of preparatory work, we can give you some great news! First, today we share with you guidelines for participation. This document is intended to be used by: Those wishing to help us to create a great Jam, by joining the production team (you can help us in many ways, both locally…

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The growth of the open source hardware movement can be accelerated by a global knowledge sharing platform made of generic tools, specialized software, documentation templates and other blueprints and best practices

We foresee the birth of a global repository of hardware designs based on a shared information architecture and a shared approach to design. We advocate for a more interconnected global community built upon awareness, understanding of, and access to open design.

Being conscious of the wide scope of the challenges, we have organized a first 3-day event, that will be held in New York and will be based on a sort of mashup of well known co-design formats for group cooperation such as Service Design Jams and Hackathons.

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