Excited by the Jam, but can’t make it to New York?

Why not make your own?


We’re keeping the principles simple, so we can all learn from one another’s processes.

The first Satellite Jam scheduled is taking place at the same time in Berlin. Other Jams are now proposed in <insert new names as they are added>.

Here’s the Guidelines.

  1. Do it
  2. Do it your way, if you want to copy our way then feel free to look at our documentation
  3. Learn from other remote Jams, look at how they do it: touch base and ask to access the NY Jam masterplan
  4. Share it with us on twitter or email us so we can promote it on the site, and link you up to other interested participants in your part of the world.
  5. Document it

Here’s the basic recipe for you to build on.


  • Space – wherever you can get
  • Time – however long you need (recommended time 3 days)
  • People – whoever you can get
  • Equipment – Whatever tools you have
  • Process – Whatever makes you comfortable
  • Output – anything that makes it easier for us to share and access knowledge on how to copy, build, hack, or adapt physical products.

Let the fun begin.

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